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"ABCO Pole Barns/Buildings" can be used for:

* Residential garages, commercial size garages/structures

* Wood shops

* Auto body/Auto service shops

* Warehouses

* Agricultural barns/structures

* Horse barns/equine barns

* Commercial storage/offices

* Residential storage buildings/sheds

* Pavilions/car ports

And many, many more uses


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"ABCO Pole Barns/Buildings
" is setting the trend with our "beefy- quality-pole
barn structures", top quality materials, higher building standards, the highest leading warranty in the industry, and our exceptionally low pricing!!!!

  "ABCO Pole Barns/Buildings"  respects and fully understands how hard   our customers work for their money. "ABCO Pole Barns/Buildings"  is devoted and dedicated in offering a better, stronger designed structure for less money. That's right- you'll  simply "get more for less" when you invest through "ABCO Pole Barns/Buildings"; rather than paying another Company "more for less"!!

At  "ABCO Pole Barns/Buildings"  we offer huge savings for every customer. This includes those which prefer to build our pole barns/structures themselves or have their own contractors of their choice build for them, to those who just simply do not have the time and take advantage of our extraordinary "Full Package" pole barn pricing which includes our labor. We at times -even sell our custom design pole barn packages to customers that are employed through our competitors. This in itself is a task we are proud of. With our suppliers located in most every region, see how we can save you enormously on your pole barn purchase. Check out our 4 phases and contact us via telephone or e-mail for a free estimate at

Our goal- To completely satisfy  each and every customer! We've been proudly saving our customers thousands per pole barn structure and providing  their needs as well as assisting with informative decisions best for our customer. Offering superior structures meeting/exceeding codes at remarkable savings.

Our promise:
 As we all know; it is important to get the best price on your new pole barn. However, to get the best price it is vital to compare "apples to apples" when comparing prices. Now just imagine, not only getting a lower price, but also getting a stronger structure, top quality materials, and the highest industry leading warranty included in your pole barn package. Once you've found better quality, highest warranty standards and a lesser price- you've discovered a "great value" for that hard earned money. Is this not what we all deserve and are in-fact truly after?. This is where we at "ABCO Pole Barns/Buildings" are setting the trend and stand out above the rest. We at "ABCO Pole Barns/Buildings" take great pride in consistently offering far more for less. We are serious about satisfying all our customers in every way.

"ABCO Pole Barns/Buildings"
We’re a Pole Barn Manufacturer that builds Pole Barns,
Pole Barn Buildings, Pole Barn Garages, Pole Barn Kits and more.

H.C.1 Box 1611
Blakeslee, Pa. 18610

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