Pole Barn and Post Frame Buildings

History of the Pole Barn.

The pole barn became popular during the depression in the 1930’s when old telephone poles were recycled to construct inexpensive horse barns and agricultural structures.

pole barn can be custom built to any size

ABCO Pole Barns Custom Designed Structure.


Building materials were in short supply and farming revenue was low because of the depressions financial pressures. The reusable and cheap used telephone pole gave birth to the movement of recycling these materials for constructing a strong structure for storage and shelter.

Pole barns, also known as post frame buildings, get their name from the natural shaped or round wood beams 4 to 12 inches in diameter that form the buildings basic framing. The pole barn’s strength comes from burying the pole ends in the ground and attaching metal or wood to the outside walls. This construction eliminates the need for expensive cement foundations and footings, although many pole barn owners may opt for a poured concrete floor based on the building’s use, but post frame buildings can use soil, concrete slab or framed wood flooring.

Today’s pole barns use modern, laminated wood technology that is resistant to rot when buried underground. A post-frame building today has an increased life span and can now be taller and longer due to these advances in pole barn materials.

Will my pole barn post frame building investment be strong and last?

pole barn construction - ABCO Pole Barns

Construction on a custom designed pole barn for one of ABCO Pole Barns’ valued customers.

A well-constructed pole barn can survive the harshest weather — snows, winds, rains — largely because of solid construction and long-lasting materials. It’s not unusual for a post frame building to survive 50 years or more with regular maintenance.  When we see modern pole barns fail it is most often because the original construction team didn’t account for the areas potential harsh weather.

ABCO Pole Barns sells custom designed pole barns for each customer. We will evaluate the ground materials and recommend the correct construction materials and features to give each customer a quality structure that will last. ABCO Pole Barns has not had a single structure fail during our business life!  



Costs of Pole Barn and Post Frame Construction

Pole barn construction is a less expensive alternative to conventional construction.

  • Lower cost materials and no need for expensive foundations.
  • Significantly less time and money to prepare the worksite.
  • Lower labor costs in general to build a pole barn style building.

The ABCO Pole Barns custom-approach to post frame construction results in a building that is ideally built to the environmental conditions of each customer and to our customer’s unique needs and size specifications. As a result, our customers will generally save thousands of dollars in final project costs.

Where are pole barn buildings found?

Everywhere!  Pole barn building has always been popular because it is generally less expensive to construct and buildings can be erected quickly.  The pole barns are seeing new life as commercial offices, workshops, garages, storage sheds and even homes. Originally developed by the agricultural community as barns and equipment and feed storage, it is not surprising that most post and beam frame structures are still found in rural areas of every state in America.


ABCO Pole Barns is a customer builder of post frame structures, garages, barns, agricultural storage in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York state.

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