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We offer a minimum of 40 pound snow load on every structure, maximum of 48" o.c. truss placement, maximum of 24" o.c. roof purlins and wall girt placements, choice of "solid pressure treated posts" or finger jointed "glu-lam" posts pressure treated at bottom sector, choice of 3 separate colors on every structure, continuous gable wall metal lengths rather than seemed panels, double truss carriers, and much more!!

We offer four separate phases. This not only increases our customer base, but; allows us to offer enormous savings to all our pole barn customers. These phases are available in most areas. Our phases are as follows:

Phase#1 - We will design the pole barn structure to your wants and needs, and deliver the entire Pole Barn package to your building site. (For our customers that prefer to do it themselves or use their own contractor, or customers that prefer to save money on the pole barn kit but are outside of our labor area).

Phase#2 - "Head start package" offered in some area's. This includes all of phase 1 plus, we will square up the perimeter on your compacted graded site, mark all post locations, bore holes for posts, set posts, install skirt boards, rat guard, inner & outer truss carriers, truss nailers, set trusses and install temporary truss braces, and install any/all outer overhead door headers. This prepares our customer for installing his own wall girts, roof purlins, roof panels, wall panels, any doors and/or windows, trim package, inner headers and fillers,  bottom cord truss braces and diagonal truss braces.

Phase #3 - Our "Full Package" : This phase includes all of phases 1 and 2 plus, everything remaining that the customer would have performed in phase 2. Simply put,In most area's, we can deliver the entire Pole Barn package and build the entire structure. Usually Excluding concrete flooring, plumbing, electrical, etc.

Note: Most full packages are priced as follows: (including up to three color choices).

Basic accessory features = $9.00-$15.00 per square foot.

Mid level accessory features = $11.00- $18.00 per square foot.

Fully accessorized features = $13.00- $36.00 per square foot.

Note: In some area's; Cost ranges may exclude delivery fees to site, concrete work, site prep, wiring, plumbing, interior finishing and taxes.

* This investment guide is intended only as a general guide. Cost per sq. ft. ranges are not binding in any way and actual prices can be substantially lower or higher depending on final building size, design, level of accessorizing, and numerous other factors. For actual pricing, please contact ABCO.

Phase#4 - For the consumer outside our area that has the time and desire to shop, hence saving literally thousands of dollars in most cases. We can design the structure to your wants and needs, provide you with a complete detailed and itemized list so you can send/fax this list to as many local building suppliers as you choose. Then watch the quotes vary from each company saving you literally thousands in most cases. Note: Phase #4 does have a small fee for designing and providing you with the itemized material list. This fee will be well invested once you use it to have each supplier competing with one another. Itemized material list fees:

* $50.00 24'x24'x10' or smaller.

* $55.00 24'x24'x12/14/16'- 30'x48'x8/10/12'

* $65.00 30'x48'x14/16'- 30'x60'x12/14'

* $70.00 30'x60'x16'- 40'x60'x10'

Additional sizes are certainly available. Any size you choose would be available. Please call for additional sizes and fees. Note: If this fee is received and the customer opts to purchase phase 1,2,or 3- this fee would be applied to phase of choice.

* Note: Phases 1,2, and 3 are free estimates.

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