Pole Building Helpful Tips

horse barns, new york, pennsylvania, new jerseySome helpful hints to know prior to investing in your new pole building from ABCO Pole Barns:

1. We custom design and build your pole barn structure to suit your needs. Our competitors will offer you a prefabricated building or size and will charge exorbitant rates for even minor modifications.

2. ABCO Pole Barns designs every pole building with minimal waste. Waste materials, seconds, or rejects should never be used in building construction, as they are inferior materials and create vulnerabilities in the structure. Unfortunately, many companies utilize these waste products in their construction to give the appearance of a lower price on your pole building. ABCO Pole Barns will never install “leftovers” from a previous design or structure. All materials for your new pole building are ordered specifically for your structure directly from the manufacturer or supplier.

3. We do not pre-cut or store materials in a warehouse. All non-factory cuts are performed on your site to insure strength and durability of the materials.

4. We do not use seconds or rejected materials, as some of our competitors do. All materials are brand new and are purchased specifically for your project.

5. We design each gable/end wall panel as one full, continuous panel from the rat guard at the base to the top of the gable wall. This insures strength and durability of your pole building. Some builders will piece, seam, or overlap lengths to reach the top, which introduces vulnerabilities into the structure. If however, you would like a seam or trim separating the eave wall height from the gable height on your gable walls, we will gladly design it that way for you and order the appropriate materials from the manufacturer.

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